Self-Improvement with Flexible Conditions

Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre 

is a unique center in Estonia with more than 20 years of experience in providing rehabilitation services for people with special needs. Astangu Center develops the Estonian rehabilitation area and shares its experience with other service providers.


The main rehabilitation services we provide to our clients are job and capacity assessment, learning opportunities, job opportunities, rehabilitation, support for work placement, and counseling for aids and adaptation of the environment. The common goal of these services is to prepare clients for working life through the development of work skills and capabilities. Since we began to provide services to the Subcommittee of the Ministry of Social Affairs in 1996, hundreds of people have come to the labor market with our support.


In addition to customer service, we are developing the social and educational spheres of Estonia by participating in national and international development projects, talking about several workshops and round tables, organizing trainings and information days for specialists in the field, and offering internships opportunities for future specialists.


We are an associate member of the European Rehabilitation Platform and work in tandem with various vocational rehabilitation centers in Europe.



The quality of our center's social services is also recognized by EQUASS Assurance

National Competence Centre

As a valued partner of the Ministry of Social Affairs, we work to improve the social services sector, with an emphasis on vocational rehabilitation in Estonia.