How to Get Here

Astangu centre (address Astangu 27, Tallinn - see it on Google Maps) can be reached by car and by public transport.

If you choose public transport, a one-time ticket (regardless of whether it is for the bus, trolleybus or tram) costs 1.60 euros. You can buy tickets from the driver but you are expected to have the exact amount of money. More information HERE.

In order to get to Astangu, you should take a bus number 36 (leaves from the city centre; direction towards "Väike-Õismäe") and get off at "Järveotsa kool" bus stop. From there, you can see Astangu centre (a big colourful building in the distance) - after getting off the bus at "Järveotsa kool", cross the street and follow the walkway which will take you to the centre.

You can also take a bus number 61 (does not leave from the city centre; direction towards "Astangu"). You should get off at "Harku-Kadaka" bus stop. You will then be in front of our centre.

Please note that while bus number 36 leaves from the city centre, it takes a considerable amount of time to get to Astangu. When coming from the city centre, it often makes sense to take either trolleybus number 6 or 7, ride until the last stop ("Väike-Õismäe") and from there continue with bus number 61 to "Harku-Kadaka".