SEC4VET - Assessing and promoting social-emotional competences of young people with cognitive impairments in vocational education and training

The SEC4VET project concerns young people with learning difficulties through to those with a slight mental retardation, who are preparing for a career/job or undertaking vocational training. These young people - after partly intensive vocational preparation - can acquire jobs with reduced theoretical requirements.


Project objectives


Developing tools for identifiying/diagnosing social and emotional skills – with approved self-assessments and external assessments

Spreading awareness of social and emotional skills

Presenting support programmes in the form of flexible modules

Developing training opportunities


Project innovation


The project incorporates the “shift from teaching to learning” Bologna process and focuses on a learning rather than teaching-oriented approach. “SEC4VET” supports this change in teaching and learning culture, and focuses on learning outcomes. This shift towards learning outcomes benefits tutors and students alike.


 Expected results


The four Intellectual Outputs to be developed will be included in the key project findings. Two important pillars of these are diagnostic tools and the resulting support framework for the social and emotional development of young adults with cognitive impairments undergoing vocational training. This takes the shift towards learning outcomes into account and allows tailored learning and teaching methods to be created. This education concept includes training opportunities for teachers and professionals as well as a handbook. Due to the complexity of the topics, these will be broken down into modules. The modules are flexible and can be individually implemented.


1. Diagnostic tools (standardised diagnosis with self-assessment and external assessment for the cognitively impaired)


2. Handbook on the importance of social and emotional skills (for trainers, teachers, etc.)


3. Method for promoting social and emotional skills

The method includes different styles and topics of support from various skill sets (self-awareness, self-management and relationship management). These styles and topics are described as complex support areas.

The main principles of the concept are introduced in the method.


4. Training modules for teaching staff and professionals involved

Module 1: Diagnostic tools

Module 2: Creating action plans

Module 3: Professional pedagogical professionalism and personal social and emotional skills

Module 4: Organisational development in terms of developing social and emotional skills

Module 5: Integrating the development of social and emotional skills into everyday training activities



The SEC4VET Project aims to strengthen social and emotional learning during the vocational rehabilitation process, thereby contributing to the strengthening of empowerment and inclusion.

SEC4VET brings together people with learning disabilities, self-help associations, vocational rehabilitation, science and companies. Jointly, they all develop a diagnostic and support concept so that young people with disabilities can successfully complete their education, develop their potential and experience social participation.

The SEC4VET Project will end with an international symposium at the Josefsheim Bigge facility.


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