SEC4VET - Assessing and promoting social-emotional competences of young people with cognitive impairments in vocational education and training

SEC4VETAssessing and promoting Social-Emotional Competences of young people with cognitive impairments in Vocational Education and Training (September 2017 – August 2020)


SEC4VET project brings together vocational and rehabilitation centers for people with special needs from six countries all over the Europe – Germany, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Estonia and Belgium – and the University of Bamberg in Germany to work out in collaboration tools for assessing social-emotional competences as well as manual and teaching materials for promoting those skills for the year 2020.

The aim of the project is to raise general awareness and to pay more attention to social-emotional competences during the process of vocational rehabilitation thereby contributing to the strengthening of empowerment and inclusion of the target group.

As a result the tools for assessing and promoting social-emotional skills for teachers and specialists who work with people with special needs are evolved to help them understand, pay attention and train those skills very much needed in the context of finding a job and everyday life besides the practical working skills. Within the project the following tools are evolved:

·         Diagnostic tool for assessing social-emotional competences for individual approach in the training process;

·         Handbook on the importance of social and emotional skills;

·         Concept to support social-emotional competences;

·         Training modules for the teaching staff and professionals involved.

The results of the project will be published and freely accessible for everyone interested.

SEC4VET project will conclude with an international symposium at the Josefsheim-Bigge, Germany in June 2020.


Funded by: Erasmus +