Astangu centre has renewed strategy and structure

26. February 2015

In the beginning of 2015, Astangu finalized its strategy for 2015-2018. This also brought along some significant changes in our structure.

Astangu centre has 3 strategic aims for the period of 2015-2018:

  • Providing need-based services
  • Supporting the Estonian social sector through development activities and sharing of our competences
  • Maintaining competent and dedicated staff

The main changes in structure are related to the increasing role of Astangu as a competence centre. The need for our competences is related to the state’s need for assistance in social sector reforms. The main activities are advancing the quality of social service quality, developing rehabilitational methodologies and increasing the competences of related specialists; developing the system of assistive devices and environment adaptations.

Thus, we have created 3 new structural units:

  1. Rehabilitation Competence Centre
  2. Centre for Quality in Social Services (former EQUASS Estonia)
  3. Information Centre for Environment Adaptation and Assistive Devices (former Centre for Disability-Related Information and Assistive Devices)