"Empowerment by Employment" - new knowledge and experiences gained during a project meeting on Faroe Islands

7. May 2015

The aim of the two-year Nordplus Adult project „Empowerment by employment“, which started in spring 2013, is to support the improvement of employment situation of people with special needs in Nordic countries through learning from others’ experiences.

The project brings together partners from Estonia (Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre), Finland (Validia Vocational College), Lithuania (Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre) and Faroe Islands (Dugni Rehabilitation Centre).

In spring 2015, the second project meeting took place in Tórshavn, the capital of Faroe Islands and was hosted by Dugni Rehabilitation Centre. Astangu was represented by Mari-Liis Ungerson from the Department of Studies, Koidu Moor from Sheltered Work Unit, and Margery Roosimaa from Rehabilitation Competence Centre.

The project meeting focused on sharing experiences and best practices learned during the previous project meeting in Vilnius, and included a discussion on how to further apply the newly gained knowledge and experiences. The project participants visited various units of Dugni, such as middle school, sheltered workshop, and recycling centre. Other rehabilitation service providers and the general social service situation of Faroe islands were also introduced.

The visit resulted in many good ideas that can be applied in Astangu’s work with people with special needs. The next project meeting will take place in Tallinn in October 2015.