Astangu VRC has a new EPR and international projects’ coordinator

23. September 2015

Starting from September 2015, Minna Sild is the coordinator for EPR and international projects at Astangu VRC.

Minna Sild

Minna has been working since 2012 as a specialist in one of Astangu’s departments - the Centre of Environmental Adaptation and Assistive Technology. Her main activities have been in the field of counselling and developmental work in co-operation with the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs on national level.

She participated as team leader in the international hackathon Garage48 Enable, creating innovative solutions for people with disabilities and won the first prize with her team. The idea has grown into an international co-operation project linking together ICF and assistive technology.

Minna Sild has given several work-related lectures in Estonia and abroad; currently studying in Norway and Finland. She is looking forward to co-operation proposals at minna.sild(ät)

The previous EPR coordinator Keiu Talve is continuing her work at Astangu in the Centre for Quality in Social Services.