Special Gift Market

2. November 2017

Special Gift Market

For a special gift market, we are looking forward to everyone who is happy to buy, to your friends-loved ones with the gift of gifts, and to create the motivation for people who have special needs. On the way, we offer you a pleasant, warm welcome, a large selection of different organizations for people with special needs, cafe relaxation and good lunch and live music.

We promise that when you go home, your eyes will shine brightly as tomorrow's stars and there are original finds on Made in the "Made in the heart" instead of "Made in China".


At the same time, we expect to sell our products to the gift market for people with special needs and their organizations. For registration, write maris.saar (ät) astangu.ee

You can register until November 20, or until the venue continues.


After the gift market, there is also a workshop on protected work, where protected work centers exchange good practices to develop a field in Estonia.

Sign up here to participate: bit.ly/2hZTDfh

Protected work is a service designed to prepare people with reduced working capacity for work through their professional development, assist them in finding a job and provide support after they become employed. Many products sold on the marketplace are made of protected work in workshops :)


The event will mark the World Day for the Disabled on December 3rd.