Astangu visited partners in Slovenia

17. April 2013

At the beginning of April, two employees of Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre spent a week in our partner organization, University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia, as part of Leonardo da Vinci mobility project.

The aim of the trip was to find out more about the work in various departments of the Institute and to familiarise ourselves with the main organisational methods of client evaluation in order to compare the Slovenian system with ours and to exchange experiences.

The topics of interest included assessing the coping of clients and assessing the need for assistive technology and adjusted environment, mainly because the visiting employees from Astangu work in our department of Centre for Disability Related Information and Assistive Technology

In addition to visiting the Institute, the Estonian delegates met with representatives of state funders for the field of assistive devices: the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia and the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs. During the meeting, topics related to the assistive technologies of both countries - for example, list of devices, price limits and grouping of devices, funding, and legal regulations - were discussed. Additionally, the two countries exchanged their experiences in distributing assistive devices and discussed planned changes.

The visit gave a thorough overview of Slovenian best practices in supporting clients' rehabilitation process, restated the importance of assistive devices in enhancing the coping of clients, and highlighted the significance of evaluation. Both the visit itself and the new contacts contribute to the further development of Estonian field of assistive devices.

Many thanks to the University Rehabilitation Institute!