Meet William - our volunteer from the USA!

7. May 2014

Please introduce yourself briefly. What do you do in Estonia, what do you do in general?

My name is William Ross and I have been living in Tallinn for 3 years. My original encounter with Estonia came when I visited Tallinn in 2010 for the European Poker Tour. At the time I was playing poker professionally.  In April of 2011, online poker was no longer allowed in the United States, so I moved to Estonia one month later. My other professional activities have included software engineering work, and stock market investing.

How did you hear about Astangu?

I heard about Astangu through the Vabatahtlike Värav ( There was a volunteering position listed there and it sounded like a really interesting opportunity to do volunteering work.

Why did you decide to become a volunteer at Astangu?

At the beginning of the year I wrote down many goals, and one was to do some volunteering work. Specifically, I wanted to work with disabled people, so when I read what the Astangu Rehabilitation Center does it was definitely a nice fit. My personal motivations were that I wanted to work more with people, and do something that benefits other people.

What have you done so far? How has it been like? What has been interesting?

So far there have been 3 main activities. The first is an English club, where students meet each week to have discussions in English, and learn English better. Then I have scheduled meetings with the IT students at Astangu. The goal is to discuss IT topics, so that each member of the discussion learns more about IT. Another activity I have been working on is doing some English translations or corrections for the website and brochures. It has been interesting for me to see how other people learn English. 

Why would you recommend volunteering at Astangu?

Astangu should be recommended for doing volunteer work because it is a friendly work environment, and a wide range of opportunities. I really like they I was asked what I would like to do, and then the staff at Astangu helped me schedule that volunteering work. Since there are over 100 students, there are many different ways to help people.