Astangu employees successfully start developing the world’s first interactive assistive technology assessment tool

12. December 2014

In late November, Astangu employees Mari Rull, Minna Sild, Tiina Kalevik and Toomas Urbanik participated in – and eventually became the overall winners of – an innovative creative marathon Garage48, where ideas are developed into functioning prototypes within 48 hours. While Garage48 is actually a series of international events, this particular event was named Garage48 Enable Tallinn, aimed at making the society a better place for people with disabilities through innovation and technology.

In the evening of Friday, November 28th, over 90 participants from over 10 different countries gathered in Tallinn, Estonia in order to pitch their ideas – 24 in total. An idea pitched by a team of Astangu employees was 1 out of 10 that proceeded into the development round.

The pitching was followed by 48 hours of intensive development in order to create a prototype. At this stage, a programmer Margus Pärt joined Astangu team.

By Sunday evening, the prototype, named ATAT (Assistive Technology Assessment Tool), was ready. ATAT is the world's first interactive tool that therapists and doctors have long been waiting for, as it makes possible to map the disability of a patient with only a few mouse clicks, find the necessary assistive device (e.g. wheelchair) and measure the impact of it on the patient's life. It is based on two internationally used classifications, so it can be used not only in Estonia, but worldwide.

The highlight of the productive weekend was the final ceremony where all the prototypes were presented to a panel of mentors, and various awards were given out. ATAT was chosen as the overall winner, receiving 2000 euros in order to continue developing the prototype.

The pitching and the Q&A sessions can be seen at