Employment Support

The most important aim of Astangu centre is to prepare people with special needs for work, support them in their search for suitable jobs and help them in adjusting with their jobs.

Our main areas of work-related activity are as follows:

  • Preparing students for work through career-guidance classes, individual counseling and company visits.

During group work sessions (career guidance classes) and individual counseling, our clients can focus on different work related topics, such as job opportunities, employers' expectations, finding a job, suitable behaviour in the workplace, legislation,  and career services. During company visits, our clients can learn about the work environment and obtain a first-hand impression of a potential workplace.

  • Supporting students in finding traineeship places and providing continued support throughout the traineeship.

The process of finding traineeship opportunities takes place through close cooperation with clients, their parents and/or other people who provide them close support, vocational teachers, and (if necessary) rehabilitation specialists. When finding traineeship opportunities, client's abilities and skills are taken into account and preference will be upon traineeship sites near the client's home in order to maximise client's chances of finding a job in their home area.

  • Supporting graduates and alumni in finding jobs and in their work process.

We use the supported employment method as a basis for helping our clients achieve employment.  This method has been implemented successfully in many other countries. Instead of directly finding jobs for the students, we support them while they take the active role in the search process. By involving the clients and their support circle, we share the responsibility.  This ensures that the client's values are met, and that they keep their job long term.

  • Cooperating with employers, raising their awareness through various training events.

Cooperation with employers is a central activity of our vocational rehabilitation process in order to achieve the desired aim - client's employment. We are increasingly paying attention to educating employers because many companies have indicated low awareness of how to integrate people with specia needs into the labour market. In our employers' training day, we provide employers with information about people with special needs and their opportunities in the labour market, and discuss potential areas of cooperation.

In 2013, our employers' training day program won the Innovation Prize of European Platform for Rehabilitation.

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