Our rehabilitation team comprises a speech therapist, psychiatrist, rehabilitation doctor, creative therapist, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, activity supervisors and social caretakers.

We provide:

  • Assessment and counselling service

The assessment includes preliminary interviews and multidisciplinary assessments resulting in suggestions for available improvement opportunities. Annually, around 150 clients are assessed.

  • Supportive rehabilitation

Clients who participate in study courses, sheltered workshops and rehabilitation programs follow their individual development plan to get needed supportive rehabilitation. Annually, around 100 clients receive some individual or group rehabilitation.

  • State rehabilitation services for people of working age with special needs

The provision of the services is funded by the Social Insurance Board. Providing state rehabilitation services allows us to create a rehabilitation plan and provide services described in the rehabilitation plan as an individual or program based service. Annually, around 150 clients receive state rehabilitation services.

In cooperation with Ministry of Social Affairs, other service providers and client organizations we develop rehabilitation services, pilot new approaches, educate service providers and share our knowledge.